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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificates and Technical Programs

Certificates and Associate of Applied Science degrees, generally in technical areas, are programs of study designed for those students who wish to prepare for employment in business and industry. These programs offer students the opportunity to develop necessary skills in the shortest amount of time. Students finishing these programs move immediately into the job market or continue on with their education at four-year institutions or trade schools. Although these are not meant to be transfer programs, students may sometimes transfer to specialized programs or trade schools.

Associate of Applied Science

Automotive Technology, A.A.S.  
Business Information Systems, A.A.S 
Business Management, A.A.S. 
Diesel Technology, A.A.S. 
Electrical and Instrumentation Technology, A.A.S. 
Emergency Medical Services, A.A.S. 
Industrial Maintenance Technology, A.A.S. 
Mining Maintenance Technology, A.A.S. 
Plant Operations, A.A.S. 
Welding Technology, Fabrication Shop, A.A.S. 
Welding Technology, Industrial Plant, A.A.S. 
Welding Technology, Mine Maintenance, A.A.S.  


Certificates are typically short, concentrated programs of study, within a particular field, ranging from 15 credits to 46. Many are designed to develop the core job skills for a particular business or industry in one year or less of full-time enrollment. Although these are not intended to be transfer programs, some students transfer to specialized schools or programs.

Accounting Certificate 
Administrative Assistant Certificate 
Application Software Specialist Certificate 
Automotive Technology Certificate   

Computer Science Endorsement Preparation  
Creative Writing Certificate 
Diesel Technology Certificate 
Diesel Technology, Mining Industry Certificate 
Digital Design Technologies Certificate 
Electrical Apprenticeship Certificate 
Electrical Mine Maintenance Certificate 
Emergency Medical Services Certificate 
ESL (English as a Second Language) Certificate 
Fitness Leadership Certificate 
Industrial Maintenance Technology Mechanics, Hydraulics Option Certificate 
Industrial Maintenance Technology Mechanics, Welding Option Certificate 
Maintenance Mechanic Certificate for Industry 
Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate 
Mining Maintenance Technology Certificate 
Plant Operations Certificate 
Power Plant Maintenance Mechanics Certificate 
Practical Nursing Certificate 
Social Media Certificate 
Surface Maintenance Mechanics Certificate  
Supervision & Leadership Certificate 
Underground Maintenance Mechanics Certificate 
Web Site Development Certificate 
Welding Technology - Fabrication Shop Option Certificate 
Welding Technology - Industrial Plant Option Certificate 
Welding Technology - Mine Maintenance Option Certificate