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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog

Secondary Education, A.S.

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Teachers change lives - they can open new worlds for students and inspire them to reach their goals. The secondary education degree prepares students to teach in both public and private middle, junior high, and high schools. Western’s teaching preparation focuses on current and innovative teaching theories including the implementation of a service learning project, technology inclusion, and project based learning. The education program also provides the introduction to many important skills and elements of the teaching profession. The development and understanding of which are essential for future success such as: classroom management, special education, lesson design, and educational psychology. The students experience hands-on what it means to be a secondary education teacher because the program provides them the opportunity to participate in public school classroom activities as a practicum student. These experiences have a four-pronged focus: they introduce theories and pedagogical skills that are learned during classes are applied and reinforced by the teachers, they give students real-world teaching practices, they help students decide about their future teaching careers, and they lay the academic foundation needed before entering a bachelor’s degree program. Students wanting to enter the teaching field must obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in education. Therefore, Western’s education program has specific pathways that will create a seamless transfer to any university in the country upon the successful completion of the associate degree requirements.

Degree Requirements

Freshman Year - Fall Semester

Subtotal: 16

Freshman Year - Fall Semester Notes:

  • In addition to ENGL 1010 , students may be required to also take ENGL 1011  (2 credits) due to placement, adding 2 additional credits to their graduation total.
  • Math majors should take MATH 2200  instead of College Algebra.
  • Please see Interstate Passport  for courses within each area represented; Western Experience et al.

Freshman Year - Spring Semester

Subtotal: 15

Freshman Year - Spring Semester Notes:

  • Science and Physical Education majors should take BIOL 1010  and then, with your advisor, choose a course from Natural Science group 3.
  • A course from both Natural Science group 2 AND group 3 may substitute for BIOL 1002 .
  • ENGL 1020  or ENGL 2005  may be substituted for ENGL 2019 .

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester

Subtotal: 14

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester Notes:

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

Subtotal: 15

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester Notes:

  • Human Societies and the Individual: Social Studies majors should take POLS 1000 .
  • Human Cultures: Social Studies majors should take ECON 1010 ; Spanish majors should take SPAN 1010 ; English majors should take ENGL 2340 ; all other majors should take PSYC 1000 .

All education majors must complete a background check during their first semester in the program by Week 8 (midterms) in order to continue in the education program.

Total Credit Hours: 60

Courses only count towards one category, such as general educational requirement, or teaching focus.

All courses must be completed with a “C” or better to earn the A.S. degree in Secondary Education.

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